Microsoft Certifications - TestKing

TestKing MCSE 20032709/05/17

Microsoft Certified System Engineer 2003

TestKing MCSE 2003 Messaging909/05/17

Microsoft Certified System Engineer 2003 Messaging

TestKing MCSE 2003 Security1009/05/17

Microsoft Certified System Engineer 2003 Security

TestKing MCSA 20031309/05/17

Microsoft Certified System Administrator 2003

TestKing MCSE 2000 Security709/04/17

Microsoft Certified System Engineer 2000 Security

TestKing MCSD.Net1009/04/17

Microsoft Certified Solution Developer.Net

TestKing MCAD909/05/17

Microsoft Certified Application Developer .NET

TestKing MCDBA309/05/17

Microsoft Certified Database Administrator

TestKing MCDST309/05/17

Microsoft Certified Desktop Support Technician

TestKing MBS12109/05/17

Microsoft Certified Business Management Solutions

TestKing MCITP4009/05/17

Microsoft Certified IT Professional

TestKing MCP609/05/17

Microsoft Certified Professional

TestKing MCPD2809/04/17

Microsoft Certified Professional Developer

TestKing MCSA 20001309/05/17

Microsoft Certified System Administrator 2000

TestKing MCSD409/04/17

Microsoft Certified Solution Developer

TestKing MCSE4109/05/17

Microsoft Certified System Engineer

TestKing MCSE 2000 to MCSE 2003 Upgrade409/04/17

MCSE 2000 to MCSE 2003 Upgrade

TestKing MCTS14609/05/17

Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist

TestKing MPC1309/05/17

Microsoft Partner Competency

TestKing MOS 2000709/04/17

Microsoft Office Specialist 2000

TestKing MOS 2002409/04/17

Microsoft Office Specialist 2002

TestKing MCSE 20002409/05/17

Microsoft Certified System Engineer 2000

TestKing Windows 7309/05/17

Microsoft Windows 7

TestKing MOS1509/05/17

Microsoft Office Specialist

TestKing MTA1509/04/17


TestKing Dynamics GP 2010409/04/17

Dynamics GP 2010

TestKing Dynamics C5609/04/17

Dynamics C5

TestKing Dynamics CRM Application809/05/17

Dynamics CRM Application

TestKing Dynamics CRM Developer1109/04/17

Dynamics CRM Developer

TestKing Dynamics CRM Installation and Configuration1009/04/17

Dynamics CRM Installation and Configuration

TestKing Dynamics AX Application609/04/17

Dynamics AX Application

TestKing Dynamics AX Developer709/04/17

Dynamics AX Developer

TestKing Dynamics AX Installation and Configuration1209/05/17

Dynamics AX Installation and Configuration

TestKing Dynamics AX 4.0 Application609/04/17

Dynamics AX 4.0 Application

TestKing Dynamics AX 4.0 Developer709/04/17

Dynamics AX 4.0 Developer

TestKing Dynamics AX 4.0 Installation and Configuration1709/05/17

Dynamics AX 4.0 Installation and Configuration

TestKing Dynamics NAV 2009 Application709/04/17

Dynamics NAV 2009 Application

TestKing Dynamics NAV 2009 Developer709/04/17

Dynamics NAV 2009 Developer

TestKing Dynamics NAV 2009 Installation and Configuration1709/05/17

Dynamics NAV 2009 Installation and Configuration

TestKing Dynamics NAV Application709/05/17

Dynamics NAV Application

TestKing Dynamics NAV Developer809/04/17

Dynamics NAV Developer

TestKing Dynamics NAV Installation and Configuration1709/05/17

Dynamics NAV Installation and Configuration

TestKing Dynamics SL Application309/04/17

Dynamics SL Application

TestKing Dynamics SL Installation and Configuration909/05/17

Dynamics SL Installation and Configuration

TestKing Dynamics GP Application709/04/17

Dynamics GP Application

TestKing Dynamics RMS Application209/03/17

Dynamics RMS Application

TestKing MCTS Exchange Server209/04/17

MCTS Exchange Server

TestKing MCTS Lync Server and Office Communication Server209/04/17

MCTS Lync Server and Office Communication Server

TestKing MCTS Project and Project Server509/04/17

MCTS Project and Project Server

TestKing MCTS SharePoint and SharePoint Server409/04/17

MCTS SharePoint and SharePoint Server

TestKing Dynamics Sure Step109/04/17

Dynamics Sure Step

TestKing MCTS SQL Server309/04/17


TestKing MCTS System Center409/04/17

MCTS System Center

TestKing MCTS Virtualization309/05/17

MCTS Virtualization

TestKing MCTS Visual Studio1309/04/17

MCTS Visual Studio

TestKing MCTS Windows Client309/05/17

MCTS Windows Client

TestKing MCTS Windows Embedded409/04/17

MCTS Windows Embedded

TestKing MCTS Windows Mobile2 

MCTS Windows Mobile

TestKing MCTS Windows Server709/04/17

MCTS Windows Server

TestKing MCTS Other Technologies609/04/17

MCTS Other Technologies

TestKing MCITP Windows Client609/05/17

MCITP Windows Client

TestKing MCITP Windows Server809/05/17

MCITP Windows Server

TestKing MCITP Server Admin on Windows Server 2008309/04/17

MCITP Server Admin on Windows Server 2008

TestKing MCITP Virtualization Admin on Windows Server 2008409/05/17

MCITP Virtualization Admin on Windows Server 2008

TestKing MCITP SQL Server Database Admin 2008209/03/17

MCITP SQL Server Database Admin 2008

TestKing MCITP SQL Server Database Developer 2008209/03/17

MCITP SQL Server Database Developer 2008

TestKing MCITP SQL Server Business Intelligence Dev 2008209/04/17

MCITP SQL Server Business Intelligence Dev 2008

TestKing MCITP Office Project Server309/04/17

MCITP Office Project Server

TestKing MCITP Exchange Server 2010209/03/17

MCITP Exchange Server 2010

TestKing MCITP Exchange Server 2007309/05/17

MCITP Exchange Server 2007

TestKing MCITP SharePoint Server209/04/17

MCITP SharePoint Server

TestKing Lync Server 2010209/04/17

Lync Server 2010

TestKing Dynamics AX 2012709/04/17

Dynamics AX 2012

TestKing MCSE: Windows Server 2003709/05/17

MCSE: Windows Server 2003

TestKing MCSE Server Infrastructure 2012509/04/17

MCSE Server Infrastructure 2012

TestKing MCSA Windows Server 2012409/04/17

MCSA Windows Server 2012

TestKing Private Cloud Certification209/05/17

Private Cloud Certification

TestKing SQL Server 2012 Certification809/05/17

SQL Server 2012 Certification

TestKing MCSE Desktop Infrastructure Certification209/03/17

MCSE Desktop Infrastructure Certification

TestKing Visual Studio Certification609/04/17

Visual Studio Certification

TestKing Windows 8409/05/17

Windows 8

TestKing Microsoft Specialist609/04/17

Microsoft Specialist

TestKing Lync Server 2013209/04/17


TestKing Exchange Server 2013309/03/17

Exchange Server 2013

TestKing MCSE Business Intelligence209/03/17

MCSE Business Intelligence

TestKing MCSD: Web Applications309/02/17

MCSD: Web Applications

TestKing Dynamics SL209/04/17

Dynamics SL

TestKing SharePoint Server 2013209/04/17

SharePoint Server 2013

TestKing DotNet Certification1009/04/17

DotNet Certification

TestKing Excel Certification209/04/17

Excel Certification

TestKing Dynamics NAV 2013309/03/17

Dynamics NAV 2013

TestKing Dynamics GP 2013209/05/17

Dynamics GP 2013

TestKing Lync Server109/02/17

Lync Server

TestKing Microsoft Business Solutions1009/04/17

Microsoft Business Solutions

TestKing IT Academy109/05/17

IT Academy

TestKing Microsoft-Dynamics-Certified-Technology-Specialist309/04/17

Microsoft Dynamics Certified Technology Specialist

TestKing Microsoft Certified Specialist109/04/17

Microsoft Certified Specialist

TestKing Dynamics NAV 2009 109/04/17

Dynamics NAV 2009

TestKing Microsoft Project109/04/17

Microsoft Project

TestKing PRO109/04/17


TestKing MCTS2509/04/17


TestKing MCSD809/04/17


TestKing MCSE609/04/17


TestKing MCPD409/04/17


TestKing MBS1909/04/17


TestKing MCP809/04/17


TestKing Others Certification11801/27/18

Others Certification

TestKing Microsoft Dynamics CRM1109/05/17

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

TestKing 109/04/17


TestKing 309/04/17


TestKing 1209/04/17

MOS 2003

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