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MB6-893 | You create a new product that has a bill of materials…

Question: 4

You create a new product that has a bill of materials (BOM). You add several lines to the BOM. Some of the lines are items. Some of the lines represent a subassembly.
You set the line type for one of the sub-assembly lines to Vendor.
In this situation, what does the Vendor line type indicate?

A. The sub-assembly contains several items supplied by one vendor.
B. The sub-assembly is produced from BOM components at your company.
C. The sub-assembly is produced by an external partner, but the inventory sub-assemblies are delivered to your warehouse.
D. The sub-assembly is produced by a subcontractor but the sub-assembly components are provided from your warehouse to the subcontractor.

Answer: C


* Complex BOM Car Made up of hundreds of components and BOMs. It is possible to have BOMs within a BOM. This is usually referred to as a sub-assembly or
sub-BOM. When a bill of materials has several layers of BOMs nested within it, it is referred to as having multiple layers. An example of a multi-layer BOM:
Carburetor BOM within Engine BOM within Automobile BOM.
* Vendor
A person or company providing goods or services in return for payment.
* Subassembly
Any component on a bill of materials that
has a bill with components assigned to it. For
example, a motherboard could be considered
a subassembly for a computer because the
motherboard is comprised of EPROMs,
RAM, a processor, and other components

MB6-893 | You create a new product and a new bill…

Question: 3

You create a new product and a new bill of materials (BOM) for the product. The product is available in three different configurations. Which statement about these configurations is true?

A. The product configurator will create three separate configuration models.
B. The product has different item numbers for each configuration.
C. All three configurations must have the same item number, but each configuration must have a unique configuration number.
D. Each configuration must have a unique item number and the item type must be set to BOM for each new product.

Answer: C


BOM Versions configuration key (BOMVersion) [AX 2012] The BOM versions configuration key controls access to bill of material (BOM) forms and functions when
you work with BOM versions. BOM versions contain a list of items that make up an assembly, and are used in Inventory management.
If this key is enabled, you can do the following:
Use the same BOM for several item numbers
Attach more than one BOM to an item
Track changes in the BOM by creating new versions
Produce an item using a specific BOM

MB6-893 | You need to identify what information is available…

Question: 2

You need to identify what information is available in the Composed of – tree form from a sales order line. What should you identify?

A. The sales price of each order line for the bill of materials (BOM) Items on the sales order line
B. The sales price of each bill of materials (BOM) component for the item on the sales order line
C. The details of the bill of materials (BOM) components for the item on the sales order line O0-
D. The details of the configuration route and operations for the item on the sales order line

Answer: A

MB6-893 | You need to create a new version of a bill of materials…

Question: 1

You need to create a new version of a bill of materials (BOM). Which three options can be used to create a new version of the BOM? Each correct answer presents part of the solution.

A. Warehouse
B. Dates
C. Line type
D. Quantities
E. Site

Answer: B,C,D


To create another version of the new BOM, click CTRL+N in the Versions grid to create a new line. Select the relevant item number, and enter dates in the From date and To date fields to control the validity period of the BOM version. Use the From qty. field to set a minimum item quantity for using the BOM version. Click Approve to approve the BOM version. Select the Active check box to make the BOM version active.