62-193 Exam Questions | You want to explain how the planned

Question: 10

You want to explain how the planned ICT changes will most benefit your own productivity? Which benefit should you refer to? This item is part of a case study. To view the case study information, click on the Case Study button below.

A. You will be able to access professional development resources.
B. You will be able to communicate with the parents more often.
C. You will be able to produce better lesson plans.
D. You will be able to use online tools for formative assessments.

Answer: C

70-705 Exam Questions | A customer wants to use Microsoft Office 365

Question: 2

A customer wants to use Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus, Yammer Enterprise, and Microsoft Teams. You need to recommend an Office 365 plan that includes the required functionality. The solution must minimize costs. What should you recommend?

A. Office 365 Enterprise E5
B. Office 365 Enterprise E1
C. Office 365 Enterprise F1
D. Office 365 Enterprise E3

Answer: D

70-981 Exam Questions | You need to configure Server1

Question: 5

You need to configure Server1 to meet the cloud infrastructure requirements. What should you do?

A. Reinstall VMM.
B. Create a mirrored volume.
C. Install the Storage Replica feature.
D. Create a storage space and use the mirror resiliency type.

Answer: C

70-695 Dumps Questions | After the planned migration, you…

Questions: 5

After the planned migration, you need to gather data from the client computers on the Contoso network. Which is the best account to use to achieve the goal? More than one answer choice may achieve the goal. Select the BEST answer.

A. Fabrikam\Administrator
B. Contoso\Administrator
C. Fabrikam\User2
D. Fabrikam\User1

Answer: C

Microsoft just made a brilliant acquisition in the cloud wars against Amazon, Google

  • Microsoft has acquired a startup called Computing cycle for an undisclosed amount.
  • The cycle computing software allows companies to execute massively huge applications in the cloud, a profitable area for cloud vendors.
  • Cycle has been an early partner with AWS and Google and customers will be invited to switch to the Microsoft Cloud.

In a bit of a coup in the world of Cloud Computing, Microsoft announced on Tuesday that it bought a startup called Cycle Computing for an undisclosed amount.

The cycle may not have the name recognition of some of its best-known pairs of technology, but the beginning played a crucial role in the creation of today’s Cloud computing industry. When companies steal a credit card today and instantly access the unlimited supercomputing power, it is largely thanks to the cycle.

The computer cycle gained national attention in 2012 when its technology transformed the Amazon Web services then nascent into a supercomputer that boasted the equivalent of 50 000 individual computers.

Scientists have been trying to find new cancer medications possible and used cycle software to run their application simultaneously through tens of thousands of virtual computers at Amazon datecenters. (in particular, they used 6 700 instances of Amazon EC2 to create a team of 51 132 kernels, with each kernel being basically equivalent to a single computer). The configuration has been so powerful that it costs $5 000 investigators to run their AWS application for just an hour.

This was an early test project for Amazon AWS companies which, back in 2012, was still trying to convince companies to give it a go. This project was underlined by the genius of the Amazon Cloud, Werner Vogels, as one of his most proud moments to date, told the Business Insider at that time.

In the years that followed, the computer cycle increased to be used by the three major sellers of Cloud, AWS, Google and Microsoft Azure. In addition, a large number of competitive products have come on the market that also allow Cloud virtual machines to work together as if it were a massive supercomputer.

A grip for AWS, Google customers
Flash Forward at 2017 and now there is an entire market of these products called “orchestration in the Cloud”, complete with its own Consortium under the Linux Foundation, the “Cloud Native Computing Foundation” whose cycle was a founding member. CNCF became so powerful that Microsoft and AWS bowed and joined it last week.

Microsoft did not disclose the terms of the sale and it is difficult to guess because the computer cycle was unusual otherwise: it was primed, assuming zero VC financing. The cycle increased by $1 million in debt financing in 2016.

The founders “started the cycle twelve years ago on a credit card of $8 000,” said founder and CEO Jason Stowe on a Tuesday blog announcing the news.

This could have been a soft start for them and their employees, who own 100% of the company. Or it could have been a fire sale here-hire.

There is a reason to believe that it was a happy outing. The cycle calls Novartis and NASA as renowned customers, as well as a list of leading companies in manufacturing, life insurance, Pharma and biotech, media and financial services/hedge funds. Stowe says that everything said, its customers use the product to run the equivalent of “1 billion Core-hours this year, more and more 2.7 x every 12 months,” in other words, a trillion hours of computation and growth time.

But here’s the clincher: while Microsoft says it will continue to support all cycle clients in its original cloud of choice like AWS or Google cloud, future cycle customers will not be given this option. The software will live in Azur. and customers in the existing cycle will be asked to move to Azure.

Microsoft says, “We will continue to support cycle computing clients using AWS and/or Google Cloud.” Future versions of Microsoft will focus on Azure. “We are committed to providing customers with a seamless migration experience in Azure if and when they decide to migrate.”

And that’s why it’s great. These are huge applications that use many cloud services and accumulate large cloud computing bills. Microsoft is trying to increase the use of its azure cloud. With this acquisition, he gets to do it, while he also encourages AWS and Google customers to skip the boat.


MB2-708 | You have a deployment of Dynamics CRM 2015 that…

Question: 2

You have a deployment of Dynamics CRM 2015 that contains one server. The server runs Windows Server 2012 R2. You need to change the user account used to start the Dynamics CRM services in the least amount of time possible. What should you use?

A. Deployment Manager
B. Add or remove programs
C. Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio –it has CRUD feature for users and groups
D. Server Manager

Answer: C

70-685 | You work as a desktop technician at freebraindumps…

Question: 3

You work as a desktop technician at freebraindumps.co. The Freebraindumps.co network consists of a single Active Directory domain named freebraindumps.co. The client computers on the freebraindumps.co network run a mix of Windows XP and Windows Vista. All client computers are members of the freebraindumps.co domain. You upgrade all the client computers to Windows 7 by using a single Windows 7 deployment image. After the image deployment, users of portable Tablet PC computers report that the stylus interface doesn’t work. How can you enable the stylus interface on the tablet PCs?

A. You need to install the stylus interface drivers on the tablet PCs.
B. You need to use the Deployment Image Servicing and Management (DISM) utility to install the stylus interface drivers in the deployment image. Then redeploy the image.
C. You need to use the ImageX utility to install the stylus interface drivers in the deployment image. Then redeploy the image
D. You need to enable the Tablet PC components on the tablet PCs.

Answer: D

70-487 | You need to load flight information…

Question: 8

You need to load flight information provided by Consolidated Messenger. Which should you use?

A. SQL Server Data Transformation Services (DTS)
B. EntityTransaction and EntityCommand
C. Office Open XML
D. OleDbConnection and OleDbDataReader

Answer: D