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2017 Apr CISSP exam question

Q181. After acquiring the latest security updates, what must be done before deploying to production systems? 

A. Use tools to detect missing system patches 

B. Install the patches on a test system 

C. Subscribe to notifications for vulnerabilities 

D. Assess the severity of the situation 


Q182. What type of encryption is used to protect sensitive data in transit over a network? 

A. Payload encryption and transport encryption 

B. Authentication Headers (AH) 

C. Keyed-Hashing for Message Authentication 

D. Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE) 


Q183. What is the.BEST.first step.for determining if the appropriate security controls are in place for protecting data at rest? 

A. Identify regulatory requirements 

B. Conduct a risk assessment 

C. drivers 

D. Review baseline configuration 


Q184. Which of the following controls is the FIRST step in protecting privacy in an information system? 

A. Data Redaction 

B. Data Minimization 

C. Data Encryption 

D. Data Storage 


Q185. the information below to answer the question. 

An organization experiencing a negative financial impact is forced to reduce budgets and the number of Information Technology (IT) operations staff performing basic logical access security administration functions. Security processes have been tightly integrated into normal IT operations and are not separate and distinct roles. 

When determining appropriate resource allocation, which of the following is MOST important to monitor? 

A. Number of system compromises 

B. Number of audit findings 

C. Number of staff reductions 

D. Number of additional assets 


Up to the immediate present CISSP free practice exam:

Q186. Which of the following is the FIRST action that a system administrator should take when it is revealed during a penetration test that everyone in an organization has unauthorized access to a server holding sensitive data? 

A. Immediately document the.finding to senior management. 

B. Use system privileges to alter the permissions to secure the server 

C. Continue the testing to its completion and then inform IT management 

D. Terminate the penetration test and pass the finding to the server management team 


Q187. When is security personnel involvement in the Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC) process MOST beneficial? 

A. Testing phase 

B. Development phase 

C. Requirements definition phase 

D. Operations and maintenance phase 



Which Web Services Security (WS-Security) security tokens will be issued, renewed and validated? Click on the correct specification in the image below. 


Q189. The type of authorized interactions a subject can have with an object is 

A. control. 

B. permission. 

C. procedure. 

D. protocol. 


Q190. During an audit, the auditor finds evidence of potentially illegal activity. Which of the following is the MOST appropriate action to take? 

A. Immediately call the police 

B. Work with the client to resolve the issue internally 

C. Advise.the.person performing the illegal activity to cease and desist 

D. Work with the client to report the activity to the appropriate authority