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Q11. Which of the following are Systems Engineering Life Cycle (SELC) Technical Processes? 

A. Concept, Development, Production, Utilization, Support, Retirement 

B. Stakeholder Requirements Definition, Architectural Design, Implementation, Verification, Operation 

C. Acquisition, Measurement, Configuration Management, Production, Operation, Support 

D. Concept, Requirements, Design, Implementation, Production, Maintenance, Support, Disposal 


Q12. Which of the following statements is TRUE for point-to-point microwave transmissions? 

A. They are not subject to interception due to encryption. 

B. Interception only depends on signal strength. 

C. They are too highly multiplexed for meaningful interception. 

D. They are subject to interception by an antenna within proximity. 


Q13. Which of the following analyses is performed to protect information assets? 

A. Business impact analysis 

B. Feasibility analysis 

C. Cost benefit analysis 

D. Data analysis 


Q14. Copyright provides protection for which of the following? 

A. Ideas expressed in literary works 

B. A particular expression of an idea 

C. New and non-obvious inventions 

D. Discoveries of natural phenomena 


Q15. Which of the following actions should be performed when implementing a change to a database schema in a production system? 

A. Test in development, determine dates, notify users, and implement in production 

B. Apply change to production, run in parallel, finalize change in production, and develop a back-out strategy 

C. Perform user acceptance testing in production, have users sign off, and finalize change 

D. Change in development, perform user acceptance testing, develop a back-out strategy, and implement change 


Q16. A large university needs to enable student.access to university resources from their homes. Which of the following provides the BEST option for low maintenance and ease of deployment? 

A. Provide students with Internet Protocol Security (IPSec) Virtual Private Network (VPN) client software. 

B. Use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) VPN technology. 

C. Use Secure Shell (SSH) with public/private keys. 

D. Require students to purchase home router capable of VPN. 


Q17. Which of the following provides the MOST protection against data theft of sensitive information when a laptop is stolen? 

A. Set up a BIOS and operating system password 

B. Encrypt the virtual drive where confidential files can be stored 

C. Implement a mandatory policy in which sensitive data cannot be stored on laptops, but only on the corporate network 

D. Encrypt the entire disk and delete contents after a set number of failed access attempts 


Q18. In Business Continuity Planning (BCP), what is the importance of documenting business processes? 

A. Provides senior management with decision-making tools 

B. Establishes and adopts ongoing testing and maintenance strategies 

C. Defines who will perform which functions during a disaster or emergency 

D. Provides an understanding of the organization's interdependencies 


Q19. Which of the following questions can be answered using user and group entitlement reporting? 

A. When a particular file was last accessed by a user 

B. Change control activities for a particular group of users 

C. The number of failed login attempts for a particular user 

D. Where does a particular user have access within the network 


Q20. A Simple Power Analysis (SPA) attack against a device directly observes which of the following? 

A. Static discharge 

B. Consumption 

C. Generation 

D. Magnetism