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Q11. Which type of control recognizes that a transaction amount is excessive in accordance with corporate policy? 

A. Detection 

B. Prevention 

C. Investigation 

D. Correction 


Q12. When designing a vulnerability test, which one of the following is likely to give the BEST indication of what components currently operate on the network? 

A. Topology diagrams 

B. Mapping tools 

C. Asset register 

D. Ping testing 


Q13. Which of the following is the PRIMARY benefit of implementing.data-in-use controls? 

A. If the data is lost, it must be decrypted to be opened. 

B. If the data is lost, it will not be accessible to unauthorized users. 

C. When the data is being viewed, it can only be printed by.authorized users. 

D. When the data is being viewed, it must be accessed using secure protocols. 


Q14. Which of the following BEST describes the purpose of the security functional requirements of Common Criteria? 

A. Level of assurance of the Target of Evaluation (TOE) in intended operational environment 

B. Selection to meet the security objectives stated in test documents 

C. Security behavior expected of a TOE 

D. Definition of the roles and responsibilities 


Q15. Which item below is a federated identity standard? 

A. 802.11i 

B. Kerberos 

C. Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) 

D. Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) 


Q16. Discretionary Access Control (DAC) restricts access according to 

A. data classification labeling. 

B. page views within an application. 

C. authorizations granted to the user. 

D. management accreditation. 



In which order, from MOST to LEAST impacted, does user awareness training reduce the occurrence of the events below?.


Q18. What physical characteristic does a retinal scan biometric device measure? 

A. The amount of light reflected by the retina 

B. The size, curvature, and shape of the retina 

C. The pattern of blood vessels at the back of the eye 

D. The pattern of light receptors at the back of the eye 


Q19. Logical access control programs are MOST effective when they are 

A. approved by external auditors. 

B. combined with security token technology. 

C. maintained by computer security officers. 

D. made part of the operating system. 


Q20. Which of the following is the BEST countermeasure to brute force login attacks? 

A. Changing all canonical passwords 

B. Decreasing the number of concurrent user sessions 

C. Restricting initial password delivery only in person 

D. Introducing a delay after failed system access attempts